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Pat was born on November 25, 1988. Despite information from his Agar.io My Life Challenge, not much is known about his personal life. He was married to Jennifer Lynn, aka GamingwithJen. He released a video on his channel where he stated that they split up due to different reasons. Jennifer wanted children while he didn’t.

In a video titled “Eleni Is A Liar” that Pat uploaded on September 21, 2020, he discussed how Eleni had been spreading false information about him on Instagram. Pat elaborates on how Eleni had been telling people that Pat had lied about her and was negatively impacting her life in the video. Eleni refuted Pat’s claims that she and he were dating, but Pat also mentioned their relationship.

Popularmmos Merch

Popularmmos Social Media

Patrick is an active social media user. He has over 744k followers on Instagram and posts pictures with his wife and various places he visits. He has 1,339 Twitter followers.

Patrick has an erratic upload schedule. Some of his videos get millions of views, and some of his videos get hundreds of thousands of views. His content is mainly focused on let’s play of Minecraft, but he also makes vlogs and challenge videos.

Popularmmos Merch Background

PopularMMOs is best known for his Minecraft series with Jen such as “The Challenge Games”, “Epic Proportions”, and “Lucky Block Races”. He and Jen also did other challenges, roleplays, mod reviews, and comical commentary. In 2018, he and Jen published a book together, titled “PopularMMOs Presents A Hole New World”, featuring illustrations by Dani Jones. This book was the beginning of a 5 book series, the final one being released in November 2022.See more

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